SAP HANA Certification Study Material

SAP HANA Material, ha100, ha200, ha900, ha450, ha400, ha300, ha350, ha360, SPS12
We bring valuable SAP HANA Certification material for self learning based on SAP HANA 2.0 SPS02. This course material is high in value as it is only provided when you opt in for HANA training at authorized training centers, and you know the cost of training (around USD $4000-6000).

We are group of professionals to help growing demand of SAP HANA material with very minimal cost. This material is genuine and latest for to SAP HANA certification C_HANATEC_13, C_HANATEC_14. C_HANAIMP14 and C_HANAIMP_13

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Course Material ($62.00 Each - click on link) Course Content (based on HANA 2.0 SPS02)
HA100 - SAP HANA – Introduction Technical overview course addressing all target audiences.
HA150 – SQL Basics for SAP HANA This course refreshes your SQL knowledge and covers advanced SQL techniques for querying and manipulating data in SAP HANA database. Target audiences are developer and modeling roles.
HA200 - SAP HANA – Installation & Operations  Commencing with the installation of SAP HANA this course provides in-depth knowledge on administration, operations and monitoring with SAP HANA, addressing primarily technology consultants and administrators.
HA215 - Monitoring and performance tuning  Describe the methods and the tools needed for analyzing performance issues in SAP HANA. Explain the Root Causes for the performance issues
HA240 - Authorization, Security and Scenarios  This training course is focusing on the Authorization, Security and integrated scenario
HA250 – Migration to SAP HANA using DMO This course introduces the one-step migration procedure (DMO) to SAP HANA to prepare for and execute the combined update and migration of an SAP system to the SAP HANA database. It primarily addresses technology consultants and administrators
HA300 – SAP HANA – Implementation & Modeling This course provides more in-depth knowledge on implementing information models in SAP HANA including advanced modeling features, content management, analytical privileges, and a short overview on data provisioning techniques. This course addresses primarily implementation and modeling roles.
HA350 – SAP HANA – Data Provisioning This course introduces various data provisioning tools and techniques with SAP HANA with a focus on SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) but also covers e.g. SAP Data Services or direct extractor. Primary target audiences are implementation roles
HA360 – SAP HANA Hands-on Lab This course builds on the contents of the HA100 and HA300 courses. It allows students practicing on a live system and creating an end-to-end scenario under guidance of an experienced instructor covering in depth advanced modeling features like Predictive, Fuzzy Search, Text Analysis and Geo-Spatial. By providing students a 5-day post-class system access they can refine their practical skills with additional  self-paced hands-on scenarios. This course addresses primarily implementation and modeling roles
HA400 – ABAP Programming for SAP HANA This course addresses the most urgent enablement need around adopting and optimizing program code of ABAP based applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, SCM, BW) when implementing on or migrating to SAP HANA. Target audiences are developers with experience in ABAP programming.
HA450 - Application Development for SAP HANA
This course will introduce you to development of web-based application running on the SAP HANA Platform.
Delivery: Instructor led in physical or virtual classroom.
HA900 – SAP HANA Live This course enables students implementing SAP HANA Live information models for real-time operational reporting and consuming those with the various reporting tools of the SAP Business Intelligence suite. Students learn how to adopt pre-defined content for customer-specific scenarios. Primary target audiences are implementation roles
HABS1 – SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA This technical training course is focusing on the implementation lifecycle of a typical customer project covering all phases. It enables partners and customers to deliver end to end Suite-on-HANA implementation projects. Primary target audience are technical application consultants and project team members
BW362 - SAP BW on SAP HANA Participants will gain an overview about implementation, migration, and optimization aspect of SAP BW 7.4 with SAP HANA. They will learn about HANA specific or optimized elements and aspects of SAP BW. With introducing a new Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA++) they will familiarize with a HANA optimized data modeling approach on SAP BW. Primary target audiences are consultants and customers with SAP BW experience
SLT100 - Real-time Replication with SAP LT Replication Server Participants gain an overview of the real-time replication technology of SAP LT Replication Server, the benefits of the trigger-based real- time replication and the business scenarios leveraged by SLT. The course enables participants to setup and run data replication with SLT in their system landscapes 


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