SAP HANA Administration Online Training

SAP HANA Administration Training
We have designed SAP HANA Administration training videos based on SPS10 and SPS11. It is designed specifically for HANA candidates who are already working on HANA application and technology. We have designed comprehensive training video which covers all possible subjects covered in manuals of advance SAP HANA administration. Our SAP HANA administration training is prepared by HANA certified trainer with more than 12 years of experience in SAP and with last 5 years of experience in SAP HANA. MORE HANA TRAINING

Training Videos For Self Learning 
Price USD $89.00 (26 hours of self study videos)

SAP HANA Administration Training Course:

Each SAP HANA Administration Online Training Module builds on top of the preceding Module so that the learning process is progressive. The examples given in this training are practical, and you will be able to see the immediate result of your efforts. We will first cover setting up HANA Platform i.e pre and post installations, Direct extractor configuration and much more, followed by project. By end of our SAP HANA Administration training, students can confidently update their profiles with knowledge and Hands on experience.

HANA Administration Course Based on SPS10 & SPS11

SAP HANA Hardware and Software Requirements

For SAP HANA several hardware and software requirements need to be fulfilled. In this module you can find a complete list of all SAP HANA components and the respective SAP HANA hardware and software requirements.

Prepare HANA Installation parameters
Users created during HANA Installation
HANA Required Installation media
Prepare Installer Configuration file

Steps on Installation and Configuration of SAP HANA:

SAP HANA Client Installation in SuSe Linux
SAP HANA Preparation for Installation
Diff types of Installation scenarios
SAP HANA Database Installation

HANA Post-Installation Steps

Starting and Stopping SAP HANA System
Displaying Process List
Logging on to HANA system using HANA studio
HANA User Security
Monitoring HANA Landscape

SAP HANA Technology Introduction

In-Memory Strategy
HANA compare to BWA
HANA Columnar Store
In-Memory Computing
SAP HANA simplified Architecture
SAP HANA Extended Architecture
SAP HANA row store vs Columnar Storage

HANA Architecture

Architecture Overview
IMCE and Surroundings
HANA Row Store
Column Store
Loading data into HANA
Data Modeling in HANA
Persistent Layer in HANA
Backup & Recovery

Maintaining Users and Authorizations

Create Users
User and Role Concept
Creating Roles
Assigning Privileges to Roles
SQL Privileges
System Privileges
Analytic Privileges
Reporting and Privileges
Modeling required Privileges

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Configuring Remote Support
Remote Service Connection
Setting up Monitoring
System Monitoring Setup
Status Overview
Services Overview
System Load History
Availability Monitoring
Solution Manager Integration
Disk Usage Details
Checking System Configuration

SAP HANA Logs & Traces

Regular administration tasks
Analyzing performance
Auditing SAP HANA
Global Audit Configuration
Manage Audit Policies
Audit Events
Audit Trail

Data Provisioning Using SLT

Positioning and benefit of SLT for SAP HANA
Key benefits of Trigger-Based Approach
Architecture and building Blocks
Architecture for SAP Source Replication
Architecture for NON-SAP Source Replication
Set-up of LT replication server
Installation Aspects
Configuration Steps for SLT replication server
Setup Data Replication
Landscape strategy of SLT replication server
SLT replication server Installation Options
Technical Requirements and system setup

In Detail: SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Client:

SAP HANA Client Installation
Installation of SAP HANA Studio
Download SAP HANA Studio
Update of SAP HANA Studio
Creating Folders
Adding Systems
SAP HANA – Adding a User using HANA Studio

Training on SAP HANA Operations:

Starting & Stopping SAP HANA
Starting SAP HANA Database
Stopping SAP HANA Database
Displaying Process List
Monitoring HANA Landscape
Periodic Manual Tasks

Complete SAP HANA Architecture:

SAP HANA Architecture – Packaging – contd.
SAP HANA Architecture – Deployment Options
Multi SID setup in SAP HANA
SAP HANA Architectural Overview
SAP HANA Architecture – Packaging

Complete Concept on Backup and Recovery in SAP HANA:

System Configuration Parameters
Monitoring and system state parameters
Backup & Recovery SAP HANA
Need of Backup
Backup Types
Data Backup
Log Backup
Recovery Options
Recovery in Replication Scenarios
Backup to External Backup Destinations
Recovery Scenarios
Power Failure
Disk Failure


SAP HANA Live – Demo
SAP HANA Live Browser – Demo
SAP HANA Live – Authorization Assistant – Demo

Why us For SAP HANA Administration Online Training?

  • Our goal is to make each candidates ready to start their career in HANA as there is huge demand of HANA consultant with higher pay than other SAP modules.
  • According to survey with our candidates, they easily get placement in MNCs based on our training material.
  • Our video training is carefully designed according to SAP HANA certification syllabus, both technical and application.
  • We charge very minimal to maintain the value of our material. Compare to this, cost of classroom training is more than USD $5000.
  • For any clarity please contact me by sending mail on

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