The intentions of this website are:
  • To motivate me to explore the world of SAP HANA, and encourage others to do the same. 
  • To be used as an online resource by myself and anyone else interested with SAP HANA training and the SAP HANA Certification exams.
  • I learn a lot more when I feel like I’m teaching. This blog is a way for me to teach not only myself, but others as well.
  • To learn the ins and outs of SAP HANA.
  • To provide reliable, informative and organized information about SAP HANA.

My goals are to:
  • Do my best to answer every comment and question that is asked of me as soon as I can.
  • Find out the best resources for SAP HANA learning and share them with you.
  • Be the NUMBER ONE SAP HANA training resource.

This website is not:
  • Associated with SAP AG, I have prepared this blog collaboratively with my team .
  • Made for making money. Although you will see products for sale on this blog, and price for SAP HANA training video is just to maintain the value of our efforts.

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