Friday, 12 February 2016

Very First Steps to Access Data in Native HANA Application

In this tutorial you will make your very first steps to access data on HANA. This tutorial will write a native HANA application, using the Web-based Development Workbench.


  • How to create a simple schema and table.
  • Importing data automatically via a CSV file.
  • Preparing and executing a very simple SQL query on the table.

Step 1: Open the Web-based Development Workbench

Using the SAP HANA Developer Edition or SAP HANA Cloud Platform

The workbench allows you to develop on HANA without the need to set up a local development environment.

Login to the HANA Cloud Cockpit with your free developer edition account.


Choose Databases and Schemas, and choose then the instance that you created in the previous tutorials. From here you can access the Workbench.


You are now in the Editor and can immediately start developing in HANA.

Using HANA on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure