Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Absolute Advantage of SAP HANA

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Make better decisions, faster, with SAP HANA! To this point, I wanted to take some time to write about a several of the essential perks that SAP HANA will bring in to an organization. HANA integrates with ongoing data found in the conventional ERP systems and is not bound to aggregated figures like what is currently required by BW. Here is an example of how traditional OLTP and OLAP systems are impaired when we talk about reporting. BW may gather Purchase Order header data in order to do reporting, in doing so, ends up missing Purchase Order item information. If you wish to run reports on much more elaborate data, end users will be able to get richer insights into their reasoning and make more enlightened decisions. In a business without SAP HANA, the finance reporting team is called to write ad-hoc queries to champion governance decisions. In addition to normal report work, Business Warehouse administrators are required to marry data from unsimilar sources. This can take weeks, sometimes months to wind up at an cognizant outcome derived from manual query creation. This is immensely inefficient.

Virtually all data sources are accessible through SAP HANA

By leveraging SAP HANA reporting, which also allows combination of external information, the turnaround time for ad-hoc analysis will greatly decrease. This allows the Business team to react immensely faster to business demands.