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Get started with SAP HANA Cloud Integration

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) is making cloud integration simple and reliable. Hence it is SAP’s strategic integration platform for SAP Cloud Customers. It provides out-of-the-box connectivity across cloud and on-premise solutions. Beneath the real-time process integration capabilities it also contains a data integration part that allows efficient and secure usage of ETL tasks to move data between on-premise systems and the cloud. Additionally to these two different integration flavors SAP is offering prepackaged integration content as reference templates that allows customers to quickly realize new business scenarios. This drastically reduces integration project lead times and lowers resource consumption significantly.
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SAP HANA Cloud Integration is available for customers and partners with different editions. The Application Edition isespecially for a dedicated set of SAP Cloud Applications (such as SAP Cloud for Customer, SuccessFactors, and eDocuments). With the Standard and Professional Editions SAP HCI is also offered as a standalone integration platform as a service (IPaaS). For the financial industry we offer the SAP Financial Services Network that is build on SAP HCI as a reliable and secure platform for the integration of financial institutes with their corporate customers. Now in 2015 we've also announced the availability of our Developer Edition that may be used by partners for their integration content development. All these editions are offered on an annual subscription base. Upon purchase predefined, ready to run content (pre-packaged integration flows) can be made available in a customer specific tenant, also without the immediate need for additional hardware or integration skills at the client’s side.

Today, SAP HANA Cloud Integration supports out-of-the-box integration for
  • SAP Cloud for Customer to on-premise SAP CRM / SAP ERP
  • SuccessFactors to SAP HCM or to 3rd party recruiting systems as SHL or PeopleAnswers
  • SAP eDocuments to government systems (Peru, Chile) for exchanging B2G e-invoices

These applications provide pre-packaged integration content for HCI, presented in an Integration Content Catalogand accessible over a web-based application. It eases the daily work of configurators, administrators and business analysts for exploring ready to run integration content as well as introductory information and demos. The integration content covers templates with prebuilt process integration, data integration flows and other integration artifacts that significantly reduce the implementation time, cost, and risk. These templates provide the bases for the easy adoption to specific business needs.
The design time is Eclipse based offering an Integration Designer perspective for integration developers to configure, deploy, administer, and monitor integration flows on detailed level.
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Have a look at the SAP HANA Cloud Integration Landing Page - Public Integration Content Catalog to see how easy it is for customers and partners to find and understand what it is all about.

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SAP HCI - hosted in SAP HANA Cloud and offered as a managed service on top of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform - comes with complete new architecture and deployment options that are designed and best suited for cloud-cloud and cloud-on-premise integration and process orchestration. Since the integration can be consumed as a service the solution provides a multi-tenant architecture and comprises highest level of security features such as content encryption, signing of messages, encrypted data storage and certificate based authentication.  It contains a core runtime for processing, transformation, and routing of messages, as well as an out-of-the-box connectivity support (IDoc over SOAP, sFTP, SOAP/https, SuccessFactors adapter). SAP HANA Cloud Integration will be developed towards a functional rich cloud-based integration platform. A continuously increasing set of connectors and available enterprise integration patterns will lay the foundation for this.

New content will be posted here, so stay tuned!

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