Thursday, 30 October 2014

SAP HANA Deployment Options

SAP HANA Deplyoment Options

There are 5 dimensions of deployment options which can nearly independently be selected for a customer implementation:
SAP HANA Deployment Options

SAP HANA in Data Centers

Introduction - SAP HANA in Data Centers - Get an overview of all operations-related topics like Installation & Update, Backup & Recovery , High Availability, etc.

Monday, 13 October 2014

SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering Setup

What is Dynamic Tiering?:

The SAP HANA dynamic tiering option is a native big data solution for SAP HANA. The dynamic tiering option adds smart, disk-based extended storage to your SAP HANA database. Dynamic tiering enhances SAP HANA with large volume, warm data management capability.

The dynamic tiering option adds the extended storage service to your SAP HANA system. You use the extended storage service to create the extended storage store and extended tables. Extended tables behave like all other HANA tables, but their data resides in the disk-based extended storage store.

Your application automatically determines which tier to save data to: the SAP HANA in-memory store (the hot store), or extended storage (the warm store). When you use dynamic tiering to place hot data in SAP HANA in-memory tables, and warm data in extended tables, highest value data remains in memory, and cooler less-valuable data is saved to the extended store. This can reduce the size of your in-memory database.

[Credits: Dynamic_Tiering_Option_Master_Guide_en]

Dynamic Tiering Landscape Setup: 

Dynamic Tiering feature [SAP HANA Extended Storage feature] is supported in since HANA SP09.

This blog is about My Experience on Dynamic Tiering Setup. This blog will helpful for you to make the Dynamic Tiering setup in your landscape.

I have two Linux Hosts [I named as LinuxHost1, LinuxHost2] with same configuration and same root user and password.

HANA Server will be installed on LinuxHost1 and ES Server will be installed on LinuxHost2.              
Both the components cannot be installed on same Linux machine.